Sunday, July 13, 2008

New beginnings

In just over a week, I will begin a new chapter in my life. To mark this very special and very happy occasion, I allowed myself a few knitterly indulgences from Loop:

This lovely silk case from Della Q to hold my DPNs, plus a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn in Go-Go Green. This photo makes the green look really bright...but it is a bit more subtle with slight undulations of blue.

I had originally hoped for Chinatown Apple which has been on my Loopy Ewe wishlist forever. Sadly, though, Loop only had that color in the worsted weight. I may hold on to this skein and exchange it for Chinatown Apple when they receive the next shipment. I have a few greens in my sock yarn stash and I want this one to be special and particularly memorable!

I also downloaded three new patterns from the gloriously brilliant Cookie A., including Django, Ornette, and Moselle. Ah...there's something about summer and socks, isn't there?

Speaking of summer and July in particular, hearing such phrases on the teevee as "things are getting a bit grippy down there" and "this rider is finding himself in a spot of bother" can only mean one thing: Le Tour! Dear Phil Liggett is in fine form this year and we enjoy his commentary immensely, so much so that we bought a volume of his "poetry" a few years ago, Dancing On The Pedals which is chock full of classic Liggettisms!

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Kris said...

What is the "next chapter"?

Also, I love Sheepish Annie for bloggers.