Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everyone loves a parade

In this case, it's a sock FO parade:

First, presenting Cookie A's Pomatomus Socks knit in a very un-Ewe Little Dickensesque colorway of Koigu...I love 'em.

Then, I finished a bit ago the On Your Toes socks by Ann Budd (these were essentially for a toe-up sock class I taught this summer).

Having completed those two pair, it was time to cast on for the next! So, I went stash diving and found this delightful Peridot color of Fleece Artist Sea Wool purchased from The Loopy Ewe last year. Problem was that this is more of a sport weight yarn and I only have 1 sock pattern for sport and, problem #2, it was written for 2 circular needles and, problem #3, it was another toe up sock recipe. I didn't feel much like doing another toe up again so soon and I definitely didn't feel like making the pattern putzes - easy ones, I know, but putzes all the same - to adjust the #s for DPNs. Were these hurdles enough to put the kabosh on my stash choice? Nope, not if one is a member of the Church of Schurch...Charlene Schurch, that is.

I reached for my trusty More Sensational Socks and, within minutes, I was knitting merrily away on my new pair embellished with a very sweet Baby Cable Rib:

The motif matches the yarn color perfectly.

Speaking of matching, I did - true to form - exchange my treat purchase of Dream In Color Smooshy to something much more appropriate...Summer Sky.

It's the name and the serene color that will forever link it to my New Beginning that's coming up very quickly...this Tuesday in fact!

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