Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm just a little out of the whole blogging thing lately - reading them, writing, Ravelry, etc. It's all beginning to feel a bit like homework! Plus so there's so many other things that I'm enjoying too much right now, including knitting, preparing for football season, cycling, etc. So, I decided to give my blog a bit of a rest!

And so, for now, I'll leave you with this marvelous cartoon my BH found for me by
natalie dee:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Take my breath away

Has it ever happened to you when opening a box or gift, you literally gasp with delight? It happened to me this week after opening a wee giftie to myself from The Loopy Ewe:

Two skeins of an indie sock yarnie, Enchanted Knoll Farms. The colors are "Gold Dust Woman" and "Big Sky." I'm in yarn love. I almost don't want to knit it up but they are destined to become two of Cookie A's new patterns which I recently downloaded. I think this is the purdiest sock yarn I've ever seen!

I'm also bursting at the seams with spousal pride. BH had an article accepted and published by this on-demand zine. How cool is that!!

Not much else to report, I'm afraid, other than I'm having a good and busy time at my new spot (lawdy how the week flew by) and looking forward to the beginning of football season! I set the stage this morning by watching an online replay of the 2008 Orange Bowl (with commentary by Barry Alvarez) and the Colts will be playing in the Hall of Fame Game tonight. Don't get me started on the Packers and whatsisname's hoped-for comeback. If I were to be at a game in which he appeared, I'd be one of the hopefully not-too-few booing him. I thought he was a great quarterback, but - cripe - does this make him look like a money-grubbing diva. I never idolized him like some oddballs who were in tears the day he announced his "retirement" and I did think it was time for him to move on. But now, unfortunately, I think I will always think of this quagmire - rather than all of the great things he did for the Pack. It's great that he apparently loves the game so but I'm thinking he likes the glory and the press coverage even more...despite his, in my opinion, well-practiced persona.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

In the midst of everything

This week involved changing...oh, about 90% of my life! (or so it seems). All good, but change nonetheless. And, with so much change, I was downright exhausted after each day.

Shockingly, though, there was a bit of knitting going on! I did manage to finish one of my Baby Cable Rib sox. It's amazing how quickly they do go when knitting with sport weight yarn. The color is really delightful although it is definitely my mind, peridot is green but, hey, I'm not complaining.

Instead of a regular stockinette heel, I dialed up one of my favorite slip stitch patterns - Eye of Partridge. I think it complements the delicate cable quite nicely.

I also picked out and started my fall sweater project: the Circles and Bobbles sweater from Kristin Knits! I'm modifying the pattern slightly to make the sleeves closer at the wrist and I'm omitting the somewhat goofy pom-poms and drawstring at the neckline. I'm almost finished with the circle section and - with all of Kristin Nicholas' patterns - the design and colors make it a fun knit!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a nap!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everyone loves a parade

In this case, it's a sock FO parade:

First, presenting Cookie A's Pomatomus Socks knit in a very un-Ewe Little Dickensesque colorway of Koigu...I love 'em.

Then, I finished a bit ago the On Your Toes socks by Ann Budd (these were essentially for a toe-up sock class I taught this summer).

Having completed those two pair, it was time to cast on for the next! So, I went stash diving and found this delightful Peridot color of Fleece Artist Sea Wool purchased from The Loopy Ewe last year. Problem was that this is more of a sport weight yarn and I only have 1 sock pattern for sport and, problem #2, it was written for 2 circular needles and, problem #3, it was another toe up sock recipe. I didn't feel much like doing another toe up again so soon and I definitely didn't feel like making the pattern putzes - easy ones, I know, but putzes all the same - to adjust the #s for DPNs. Were these hurdles enough to put the kabosh on my stash choice? Nope, not if one is a member of the Church of Schurch...Charlene Schurch, that is.

I reached for my trusty More Sensational Socks and, within minutes, I was knitting merrily away on my new pair embellished with a very sweet Baby Cable Rib:

The motif matches the yarn color perfectly.

Speaking of matching, I did - true to form - exchange my treat purchase of Dream In Color Smooshy to something much more appropriate...Summer Sky.

It's the name and the serene color that will forever link it to my New Beginning that's coming up very quickly...this Tuesday in fact!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New beginnings

In just over a week, I will begin a new chapter in my life. To mark this very special and very happy occasion, I allowed myself a few knitterly indulgences from Loop:

This lovely silk case from Della Q to hold my DPNs, plus a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy sock yarn in Go-Go Green. This photo makes the green look really bright...but it is a bit more subtle with slight undulations of blue.

I had originally hoped for Chinatown Apple which has been on my Loopy Ewe wishlist forever. Sadly, though, Loop only had that color in the worsted weight. I may hold on to this skein and exchange it for Chinatown Apple when they receive the next shipment. I have a few greens in my sock yarn stash and I want this one to be special and particularly memorable!

I also downloaded three new patterns from the gloriously brilliant Cookie A., including Django, Ornette, and Moselle. Ah...there's something about summer and socks, isn't there?

Speaking of summer and July in particular, hearing such phrases on the teevee as "things are getting a bit grippy down there" and "this rider is finding himself in a spot of bother" can only mean one thing: Le Tour! Dear Phil Liggett is in fine form this year and we enjoy his commentary immensely, so much so that we bought a volume of his "poetry" a few years ago, Dancing On The Pedals which is chock full of classic Liggettisms!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

what's your favorite?

If anyone is out there...I'd like your opinion!

I'm currently suffering from my favorite internet site ennui and eagerly looking for new fodder, knitting-related and otherwise. Just leave a comment noting what your favorite site is, and I'll go check it out.

Of course, I'll try not to get more depressed if there are no comments...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday, BH and I made the trek west to attend the Graduation Open House for our twin nieces. Of course, being anywhere near Madison means a trip to Lakeside Fibers.

If I had my own shop, I'd want it to be just like Lakeside...well, with a few changes (not into the whole weaving thing, more sock yarn, and I'd probably want my staff to be a bit more engaging). It's lovely, though - Rowan, Dale of Norway, beautiful decor and fixtures, fantastic natural light, and - gasp! - a coffee shop built right in with comfy chairs and tables that offer this view:

ah...Lake Monona in June. Can't tell you how much I miss living in Madison. It's always been my kind of town and I've never felt more at home anywhere.

It has always been a dream of mine to 1) actually bring knitting with me on a visit to Lakeside and 2) have the time and inclination to savor a cuppa whilst knitting. My wishes came true yesterday. After poking around for a bit while BH made his way to another Madison institution for his particular brand of geekdom, I reposed blissfully in mine. With a fine brew, a lovely lake breeze and peace of mind, I whipped out On-Your-Toe sock #2 and knit.

What do they say...imitation is the best form of flattery? Well, to imitate a knitter and writer who I admire very much (and secretly wished she were my neighbor...I mean neighbour), I snapped a photo of the sock à la the Yarn Harlot:

Sock #1 is complete and on display, hopefully drumming up some interest in my upcoming class!